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Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm « Empowerment With Joy

Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm

It’s a New Year! Are you bursting with enthusiasm or are

you feeling ennui? How about giving yourself a dose of

enthusiasm? When you are enthusiastic nothing seems

difficult. When you go to that place within you that holds

excitement and passion, there is no force that can interfere

with the completion of your desired project. Family

dramas are meaningless and the rules set down by others

hold no weight.

That is because you are answering your calling- and the

you who is doing the answering is the highest and best

part of you. Your enthusiasm will help you to continue

to be inspired. The more you hold onto your enthusiasm

the more it becomes a habit that is accompanied by joy

and happiness.

“What To Do What To Say”,Joy Abrams, Grief Book,

Paradise  Valley Arizona., Grief Work Phoenix Arizona

“What To Do What To Say’ Paradise Valley Arizona

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