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Take the Bite Out of Your Holiday-Feng Shui

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Fast approaching is the Christmas Season where gratitude and good will should take the center stage of your emotions at dinner celebrations. However, sometimes when friends and family assemble harsh thoughts and words make it to the menu too. Oftentimes, these days of gratitude for your boons and blessings elicits an opposite emotion in some of you. Although, you want your  celebrations to be filled with appetizers and appreciation, it could also be filled with dread.

Some of our ancient traditions and customs could help with your modern day celebrations and help to make it a stress free day for you.

  • Use yellow mums as your flowers of choice. Place them strategically throughout your home.Yellow flowers flood sunshine into your space and are known to usher tranquility there as well. They symbolize friendship and good will.
  • Use side lighting as opposed to overhead lighting, Harsh overhead lighting can create a negative effect on the psyche of everyone in the room and is believed to lead to anxious guests. Side lighting creates a cozy warm relaxed atmosphere that lifts one’s spirits and is not depressing.
  • Cover your tables with table cloths as they are thought to absorb negative vibes or floating discord.
  • After the meal is eaten take a walk with family and friends. Weather permitting getting outside and resonating with nature will revive and rejuvenate you and your guests. As you walk, breathe in comfort and joy and breathe out sincere gratitude.
  • Offer the three Feng Shui blessings to your guests as they leave of Health Happiness and Prosperity.

          I am wishing the same to all of you.


Create Your Own Sacred Space

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Creating your own sacred space means that you are creating a space that you honor because of its deeper meaning for you and those you love. You are connecting to your space in a way that it responds by giving you the support that you need.

Creating your own sacred space connects your inner and outer self. It opens up your own space which allows you to experience your personal journey inward, where your individuality is honored, and your own creative style can unfold. By understanding that your inner and outer experiences are connected, it makes sense to begin creating sacred space in your home or business.

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