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Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

Confidence not only comes from being able to respond to others’ needs, but from having an awareness of who you are and what you want to contribute in this world. Working on having a combination of intuition openness and unselfishness with logic and facts will help to foster the confidence you need for success. Maintaining this type of harmony is a key to your wholeness and confidence. Your new gained confidence will help you to feel empowered and self motivated. It will help to foster a more creative approach to living.

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Letting Others Be

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

It is often that if you are a perceptual person that you might see others taking a path in their lives that you feel is wrong. It is particularly challenging to watch this if it is a family member. In some situations it is best to confront the issue with those you care about. You then have to let them decide what they wish to do about it and let it go. Being direct about your feelings and then letting it go and letting others live their lives is best for all concerned.

It is best to let others live their lives even if you see them making choices that you think that they will regret.You must develop the trust in most cases that they will in time find the understanding and direction to live the life they are intended to live. You must remind yourself that the only life that you really need to live and work on is your own. That is the first step in letting go!!!

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Commune With Nature

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

You might live in the city and find it hard to go the countryside because of work obligations. Keep in mind that nature’s drama is continually playing out wherever you live. There are window ledges where birds oftentimes roost. Also, there are nocturnal animals that come out when night falls. There are bees buzzing around flowers and many city parks have a plethora of animals there.

Cities offer a variety of ecosystems if you would just look at them with an animal’s eye. Where there are shrubs there are butterflies, ladybugs and beetles. The insects will attract the birds that feast upon them. The smallest green spaces can play host to rabbits and squirrels. Decorative awnings attract falcons that raise their young there.

Recognizing that you share your city with a wide range of animals can help you to be more connected with nature and your own habitat. You can feel more apart of the circle of life and participate in an healthy urban environment for you and your family. You can feel more apart of the symphony of nature.

Difficult Times

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

You might be having a bad day. It may feel that the world is against you and that this
feeling of malaise will never end. You may be wondering if everything in your life will ever be right for you again. A bad day may signify to you that it is your time to slow down or lighten up and change course. It can also help you when you slow down to gain wisdom about yourself and your life.

If you are going through a bad day or a bad time, realize that the experience will help you in becoming a wiser more thoughtful person. Bad times teach you patience and perseverance. Remember that your attitude drives your destiny, and you are at the wheel. Know that everyone experiences bad times and that you are not alone. The world is not against you. Tomorrow will be brighter day!!!!!

You Can Inspire Others

Monday, May 4th, 2009

You can motivate and inspire others just by being who you are. Just as you often look at others for inspiration, others look at you for the same motivation. Be confident and purposeful as you move toward what you want in your life. When you make an effort to do your best and create your own level of success, you are unknowingly becoming a motivator for others who have just begun their own personal journey. You are showing them how to succeed by example. When you dare to show confidence as you are achieving your goals and dreams, you can be an inspiration and example to others as you are fulfilling your own hopes and successes. Go forth with a caring sharing heart!

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Inner Validation

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Affirming yourself and your own worth with inner validation strengthens your own core. It allows you to value your abilities. Your own fear of rejection might not allow you to reach out to others in a positive way. It can cause you to only seek approval from others. You create your own source of inner validation when you do not have to seek it elsewhere. This will help you to interact with others in a more positive way and connect well with others without fear.

Make the decision to validate yourself today and you will be able to give yourself the confidence that you need. Your own personal journey in life will be smoother sailing no matter what happens!

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Affirm Yourself

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Take the time to build up your own confidence quotient today! You can simply affirm that you validate yourself no matter what else others might say or do and then you will start off your day being more empowered. By affirming your own worth and perception of yourself you will validate your own abilities. If you don’t feel worthy enough you will often look toward others for approval. That is a slippery slope to be on. When you affirm your own abilities and character,you create your own inner source of validation. You no longer need to look for it elsewhere and you only need to tap into your own inner source that is always with you. This helps you to interact with others in a more positive way as you will be more confident. It also will enhance your friendships and connections to others. Your positive attitude will shine through to all who meet you. Make a decision to validate yourself today and give yourself the confidence boost you deserve.

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