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Your Cyclic Life « Empowerment With Joy

Your Cyclic Life

When you walk through the world you encounter many different people. You see the babies, teenagers,middle age people and older people. Each one is in a different stage of their lives. Each stage is temporary and gives rise to a different phase in their lives. Each stage of life has challenges and gifts. What all stages have in common is that they are temporary. Each stage is precious because it will never last.

One of the great things about babies is that they seem to have no clue about cycles of life. They are simply present to wherever and whatever they are doing right now..
They do not give any thought to the future. They are in the joy of the moment. On the opposite side of the coin are the elderly who are very aware of time and that time should be treasured.

If you are aware of the cycles of life and your place in it, it can bring you some wisdom. If you are a new mother going through challenges with your infant you can be aware that this time will pass. You will embrace the time you have with your infant right now..If you have elderly parents you will embrace the precious moments that you spend with them and want to be with them and their wisdom more often.

Difficult and challenging times are part of the life cycle. Like everything it is a phase of life that is temporary. When you are fully engaged and productive in your life, you expand and grow with each cycle of life. Fully embracing wherever you are in the cycle of life is the very essence of your happiness.

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