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Positive Vibrations « Empowerment With Joy

Positive Vibrations

Have you ever met someone and felt very comfortable around them immediately? If this was the case your intuition was able to detect the vibration that this person was emitting. For indeed every person projects some sort of vibration to those around them. Some people are so delightful and project a positive prana or chi that draws everyone to them. Then there are those people who are very negative and actually draw prana and chi from those around them. The reason for this is that there is power associated with every thought that a person has. It is very subtle but it is extremely powerful.

Every thought that you think has; weight, color, size, quality, and most of all power. An experienced meditator can detect this with his or her inner eye of intuition. For example, a spirtual thought will exude a beautiful yellow color and and a hateful or jealous thought will exude a dark red color. Keep in mind that you control your thoughts and your thoughts do not control you. It is not what happens in your life but your continued thoughts about the incident that can have a disastrous affects on your physical and emotional systems. By controlling negative thoughts and replacing them with hopeful relaxing thoughts you create a more balanced relaxing life.

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