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Let Your Optimism Lead Your Way

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Your positive attitude can open the door to new relationships and opportunities that you could not have imagined. You might ask me “Why is that so”? The answer is that others pick up your optimism and they will respond in kind.

Your positive outlook can create positive outcomes in your life and your relationships. Your perspective on life has a stronger effect on others then you might realize. This perspective allows who and what you really want in your life. Your optimism acts as a mirror and reflects back to you. When you put forth a positive attitude it naturally bounces back to you in many different ways. Good things as well as good situations will begin to manefest for you. Be patient because it does not work overnight..Begin to see the positive in your life and things that you are hoping and wishing for will begin to shift to the next level.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Feng Shui and Intention

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Allow yourself the gift of moving forward so that you can take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you. Do not let doubts and fears cause you to hesitate too much.

By setting your own intention to move forward on any hunches, you will be able to move steadily toward your goals without fears and doubts holding you back. With all small successes your confidence will steadily grow and any doubts that you have about your capabilities will vanish. Then acheiving your goals becomes a more simple process of taking full advantage of the positive oppportunities that you encounter. By taking the time to set a positive intention to move forward, your confidence can push you forward to the greater success and fulfillment you truly deserve.

The End of Your Day

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

After a hard day at work and a busy hectic schedule, most people look forward to dinner and watching T.V. and going to sleep. However, the end of the day is much more than that. Evenings are a wonderful time to catalog your day and to revel in solace and serenity.

There are many ways to turn your evening into a nurturing experience for you. Simply taking a walk at the time of dusk and darkness can show you two different worlds.In the evenings the sounds of humans begin to change and the sounds of nocturnal animals beome apparant. Notice when you are going for a stroll in the evening that scents change and the smells of soil and greenery do also. As you gaze upward and look at the stars you can only realize how vast this universe is and that you are a lucky part of it. It is also a meditative experience to gaze at the stars. The different shapes of the moon shows you the waxing and waning of life and helps you to be more appreciative of the now!!You might even be lucky enough to hear the crickets chirping and birds crying out and you will realize that this is the best time to unwind from the days activities.

While the sun sets you might light some candles, meditate on your positive intentions, and do some simple stretches as the daylight fades. Think of the soothing
backdrop and natural beauty of the evening as a way to relax and meditate and quiet your soul into peace at the days end.

Feng Shui and Nature

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

The leaves are changing and so is the weather. Fall is here. The time of change is upon us. What a wonderful time for all of you to resonate with nature. In these times so many of you spend time at your computer indoors. Much of what you need can be found under the naked skies, at the mountain side, and near the sounds of a brook.You cannot help but find a different sense of yourself when you are walking in a beautiful woodside retreat. In this environment you cannot help but commune with nature at its deepest level.

Spending time in nature nourishes your soul and reminds you that you are never truly alone. It will renew you as you attune to nature’s rhythms. Taking a walk under the stars away from the concrete of the city helps you to reconnect with who you really are. As you feel the wind on your face and breathe fresh air deeply, you will feel your deep connection to yourself and your environment. You will realize that you are as much a part of nature as the bubbling brook and the leaves on the trees.

Defining Moments

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Learning and living is a great adventure that can have challenging times. Learning and living is an ongoing process where the journey is really more important than the destination. Each important part of the journey is a defining moment for you. Through these defining moments you learn a great deal about yourself and the world that you live in. Each of these moments are designed to make you more of who you should be. The how’s and the why’s of what happens are yours and only yours to discover and are part of the beauty of being alive.

You might want to take the time to write down the defining moments of your life.
Then, next to them write down what you have learned from each of these moments.
Try not to be too hard on yourself remembering that you are always growing no matter what age you are. Remember that you are a work in progress and growing to your fullness is all about divine timing. Spend some time to discover yourself and embrace your defining moments.

Stay In The Now

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

If you spend lots of time preparing for the future and worrying about it, you forget one very important thing. That is that you fail to enjoy what you have now!If you create a new habit of stepping back from your present thoughts,to look around at the present moment,you can begin to appreciate the good that you immediately have at hand. If today you take a moment,to appreciate yourself others and your life, you will appreciate more fully all that you do have now.

It is important to be aware of the reality of the moment. When we spend so much time with our thoughts focused elsewhere, we are not present in our life and we are missing it. There is so much to be thankful for, so today take the time to look around and enjoy your life!

Why Feng Shui?

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Your home is your personal oasis that reflects you. With the assistance of your Feng Shui Master you can make your home a serene sanctuary that is a welcoming healthy place to visit.An organized comfortable place can have a calming effect on you and all who enter your space. You can make some simple changes that make your home a safe and comfortable haven that you wish to share with others who visit.

The changes that you wish to make to your home are as unique as you are. These changes may involve the utilization of; lighting, space, color, and some new furniture or reupholstering the furniture that you have.But what you do is not as important as your intention to set up a space that is soothing and refreshing to be in.With the help of your Feng Shui Master you can make your home a place where you feel nurtured and cared for whenever you are there.

Choosing What Is Right For Us

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

The longer that you procrastinate about what is right for your life, the longer your present and your future can remain unclear. Even though you may not be sure about what may happen, you can still focus upon what you hope for and dream about. In this way you are giving the universe something positive to build upon. By following your dreams back to the foundations of your thoughts,you will be able to find the firm footing that you need to propel yourself forward in the right direction.

You have to know that there are infinite possibilities. Always leave room for some other possibilites to enter as well. Create the space for all good to happen. By knowing that there are infinite possibilities, you can focus on what feels right now.In time,you may learn things that will help you to narrow down your focus.This will give you and the universe more direction. By moving in the direction from a vague vision to a more concrete vision, you take clearer steps toward creating your special unique life.


Friday, November 7th, 2008

You can be happy no matter what happens. Happiness is an intrinsic quality that can be cultivated. You are meant to be happy. Feed your brain with happy positive thoughts and reframe any thoughts that enter your brain that are not positive.Make sure that you do not self sabotage your right to success in any of your endeavors.
Remember that there are angels out there that will help you climb the ladder to your own personal success and they are happy to be part of your success as well.

Cultivate appreciation for those you love and express gratitude every day. Yes, there are things that happen that are not of your doing that can create sadness in your life. However, concentrate on making your current life meaningful and do not get caught up in victum mode.
Concentrate on being the best that you can be no matter what…
Now go out and greet the day!!!

Discover Your Talents Through Others

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Try not to isolate yourself. By being with others you can discover so many wonderful qualities about yourselves. It can instill a deep connection and oneness that you have with others. When you are with others you and your world expands. It is a perfect avenue for growth and deeper insights.

As you spend more time with others you can learn about yourself as you view others viewpoints.Others present a mirror about yourself. You view things about them that you love and would love to emulate as other things about yourself that you wish to eliminate or improve upon. By opening yourself to others and trusting in them you may encounter parts of yourself that you never believed existed…