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Go With The Flow

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

You may feel disappointed because the plans that you had made and looked forward to suddenly change. Working on being flexible helps in these situations that oftentimes come up. If you can change your thinking aboout this it helps, If you think that
these experiences present the gift to yourself of exploring a special part of yourself and giving you the time to do so, these changes will not be so devastating to you. It will help you to be more open to the various scenarios that life presents. It also can help you to be live in the present rather than ruminating over past experiences and worrying over future ones that have not even presented themselves.
Going with instead of against life’s plan helps you to grow and expand in ways that you may never have dreamed of. Being flexible to life’s changes helps you to understand and expect that everything does not go as planned. By learning how to adapt, you can cherish every experience in the present moment in a spontaneous way..


Monday, September 22nd, 2008

If you find yourself in a situation where you have done everything to change it, and things are still not going your way, what do you do? If you cannot change what is happening and you can not remove yourself from the situation, you can accept it and remove your inner resistance to it. There is the part of yourself that talks to you about being miserable but, when you accept the situation, that part can no longer survive. The misery cannot survive because you have surrendered your emotional pain.
There is not weakness in surrender but great strength and great spiritual power.
Through surrender you can be internally free of the situation that has caused you so much internal turmoil. You may even find that the situation changes without any effort on your part. In any case you will be free….

Hold The Space

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Perhaps a dear friend or associate is doing something or acting in someway that is personally not in alignment with your feelings. It helps you if instead of processing negative emotions toward them, you merely hold a space for them. Since the people we love oftentimes are in bad patches of time or have differing opinions on some issues ,it helps to detach with love periodically.
It gives us ample space to reflect on what is bothering us, and to think about more positive ways to interact. Finding new ways to interact and react with compassion, will allow us to have more positive interactions with our loved ones without feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Accepting The Spiritual Path

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

One’s spiritual path can take many forms and is very personal. Your own spiritual path springs forth with your own connection to living a purposful life. Practicing gratitude. appreciation, generosity, forgiveness, meditation, as well as taking care of one’s physical being can all be part of your spiritual path.

Accepting to have your own spiritual path takes the desire to include habits that promote healthy living for you. Your personal vessel needs to be filled with healthy foods and appropriate excercise. If your vessel is full you can give so much more to others. Take the time to explore the thoughts and healthy rituals that speak to your body and soul..

Your Thoughts and Feelings

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

If you have been treated unfairly you might think about this often. Remember your anger and thoughts about this just binds you to the person that has offended you.
Do not let these thoughts and feelings of anger consume you. You draw to yourself and others those qualities upon which you concentrate your attention. What you think about expands.If you constantly think about the injustices you feel have been done to you then you attract more experiences of the same kind…

State This AFfirmation Daily

I release the past
All negative self images are disolved
All negative images of others are disolved
The world I create is a beautiful place
All is well in my life

Why Gentle Yoga

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Yoga is not just for double jointed people who can twist themselves like pretzels. It is for all people of all ages and all professions who wish to lessen the stress load that they are carrying. The nice thing about yoga is that you do not have to travel to the snow or sun to do this. Just you and your mat and your sincere desire to stretch is all that is required.
Muscles strained by long continuous tension over stimulate your nerves and can cause injurious reactions in parts of your body. In yoga you find the proper balance between relaxation and excercise to cure the tension cycle. Part of the success of yoga is that there are many postures to be assumed. Each posture improves your flexibility tone and strength in a particular set of muscles. This benefit is coupled with the fact that you relax after each posture. You may move in and out of each posture in a dance like fashion or you may hold the posture longer. The main advantage of moving in and out of each posture in a dance like fashion, is that the joints and muscles loosen without a great deal of pain and it improves the blood circulation to the organs of the body.When you hold your posture for a long time your muscular structure is worked at a deeper level. Coupling the yoga breath with your postures has a powerful effect on your mind and body.
Look for my new CD “The Joy of Relaxation”.

Affirmation For Today

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Release The Past

Let It Wash AWAy

Stop Dwelling On What You Do Not Want

Use Your Mind To Create What You Do Want

Let Yourself Flow With The Tide Of Life

State To Yourself:

I release the past.

I let go of all negative thoughts.

All negative self images are dissolved.

I love and appreciate myself and others.

Limit Your Immediate Expectations

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

In your spiritual journey you will master some stuff but do not get impatient. You can not master all right away. It takes time and patience. Do not expect instant results.You must leave some things that you wish to learn hanging. Remember things turn in and out of alignment as the world turns and you evolve with it.
Choice is very important for you. So if you are working through some fears choose to work on one fear at a time, not all your fears. Most of all learn to love yourself in the process..

Let Go of Insecurity

Thursday, September 11th, 2008

It is easier to let go of insecurity if at the core of your soul you realize that you are always loved. It is the deep feeliing and realization that you are never alone that is so reassuring. You feel that you are never ignored and always protected. It is the understanding that you are not your body or your brain but a spirit that is living a physical life with all the trappings. If you only can remember that spirit has no limits then it is easier for you to do what you are here on earth to do and accomplish. So let go of all your insecurity and be who you are meant to be….

Your Spiritual Family

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Some of you are lucky enough to have wonderful friends who support you in all your endeavors. They help you to evolve into the person that you are truly meant to be.
They understand your spiritual values and support you in the direction that you wish to move in. They lift you up in troubling times and egg you on to be the best person you can be. They are your greatest fans and advocates. You feel a great comfort level being in their presence. How lucky you are to given a special family in addition to yours, that is your spiritual family.