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Think Positively

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Remember that your mind is limitless. Nothing is impossible. All things that appear to be negative can be reversed to become a
positive at some level.Positive experiences are an outgrowth of positive thinking and can and do happen and usually are prompted by shifts of perception. Practicing peace of mind, forgiveness and listening to one’s inner voice of love spurs on the positive process of bringing about one’s desired outcomes in this life.

The principle that giving is receiving is a universal one. That does not mean that you give what you do not have. It means that in giving our compassion and love and sharing it with others we receive the highest gifts that we give to ourselves. The gifts of the heart are the greatest gifts of all.

Think positively and monitor your thoughts and realize that you have a choice as to what thoughts you feed to yourself.
Choose healthy organic thoughts and watch your life change for the better.

Empowering Our lives

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

It is common for many women to feel powerless. Many feel that something or someone is

controlling their lives and their very existence. This applies to many different areas of their


It is necessary to look at this feeling of powerless and acknowledge it and then explore areas

where one has true control. One is made more powerful and empowered by the admission of

being powerless in many areas. When we give up our addiction to control things that we have

no control over, we begin to tap into our true source of power.

If we remain in denial about things that exist that are making us feel powerless, we will

never be able to change the way we feel for the better. If we insist that we are not feeling

lonely frightened and abandoned, then there is no way to create new pathways of feeling

better. Only when we explore the truth about ourselves and risk seeing the truth can we begin

to feel better with positive change.. This is true empowerment…