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Finding Solace After Loss « Empowerment With Joy

Finding Solace After Loss

It is very traumatic to lose someone that you love. This heart wrenching experience is filled with

great challenges for all concerned. Whether the departed is a friend or relative or a pet the

experience is never easy. The surge of emotions that rush through your body can leave you in a

depleted state.

Grieving is not only the process you go through when someone dies but you can grieve at the loss

of a relationship or a job as well.

Receiving support from a bereavement specialist can be very helpful. But for some it works best

to set a goal of three to six months to speak about and deal with the painful event and then to

begin to work on moving forward. It is important during this time to avoid victumizing behavior.

For example if someone asks you about the event tell them that you are working on moving

forward to find more meaning and purpose in your life. Avoid repeating the details of the

unpleasant event over and over again.

Start Rituals and Change Your View

One way to move beyond your loss is to start rituals. This might involve lighting candles and

saying a special prayer that relates to your loved one. It might help to meditate in a special

place at a special time that holds meaning for you. Journaling nightly can hold special meaning

for you.

Sometimes a change of perspective can be very helpful when you are going through a major life

crisis. How about changing the view that you look at when you get up in the morning? Instead of

looking at a blank wall, select a hopeful picture or affirmation that is meaningful to you. What

about lovely flowers or a picture of something you always wanted to do…??

The color red is motivating and helps you to get going!!!

With the new positive vista to look at you will find it easier to look forward to your day!!!

Use Essential Oils

The use of essential oils can help you to relax and help to release depression.

Add a few drops of rosewater to your bathwater to help to lift depression. This can be quite

soothing. It also can help enable your cells to regenerate.

The use of lavender can relieve sadness as well as boost your immune system.

Use Rose to help with long nights of insomnia.

Use Color To Work Through Your Feelings

Red will help you to get up and get going.

Yellow will bring you some cheer.

Green will connect you to nature.

Blue will help with meditation.

Green wiill connect you with nature.

Orange can help with feelings of lonliness.

White is for purification.

Black is for strength.

Activate The Health Area of The Bagua

In Feng Shui that area is in the middle of the room.

It is that area that holds energy to affect your physical and mental health.

Place crystals or ceramics in that area to activate the energy there.

Also increase your personal chi by doing yoga or walking and spending time with those who are

uplift and support you at this time.

Start by implementing one or two of these suggestions a week and see how well they work for


Things do not always happen the way that you planned and envisioned but know that the

universe has a plan for you and that includes participating in your life to the fullest.

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