Do You Set Your Intention To Practice Love??

A great way for you to do this is in relationships that are meaningful to you. Perhaps you are disappointed in a friend’s behavior. She or he is acting in a way that is a personal disappointment for you.
Set your intention on seeing behind his or her behavior and personality at this time. Realize behind the surface of this behavior
lies negativity and insecurity and thoughts that are not positive. When people act this way it only means that they are out of touch and are not connected to the feelings of others. They are not spiritually nourished or they would not act this way.
You would not get angry with a person who is severely disabled. So,you need not get angry at someone who is temporarily disabled spiritually. The best thing that you can do is to continue to grow and be the best you can be and look beyond the behavior that you do not care for. Just hold a special place in your heart for your friend and hope that he or she will feel more connected to others as well.

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