How Do You Start Your Day?

How do you start your day? Is your early to rise energy positive? What choices do you make to begin your day? How about doing yoga first thing when you get up. You do not have to go to the country side or the city to do this. Just you and your mat and a desire to be positive is all that is needed. Just put on your favorite Yoga CD and begin and you will feel like this should be the beginning of every day from now on.

CD “The Joy¬† of Relaxation” Phoenix Arizona

2 Responses to “How Do You Start Your Day?”

  1. Jessica says:

    I start my day with yoga and Joy’s Cd. Joy’s CD for relaxation and peace is the best way I can start my day.

  2. joyabrams says:

    I was so glad to hear your comment and I am delighted that you like my cd. It makes me happy to hear that,


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