We  have disconnected ourselves from connections that have over the course of history anchored us to human lives. Today it is more likely that we live far away from where our family used to live. Parents are oftentimes living in different states than their children and families are scattered around the world. The price that we pay for this diversity is loneliness. Although we have more electronic toys to amuse ourselves with such as T.V. and computers, there is less time for meaningful socialization. Socialization means spending time with  others with no particular goal.

Loneliness leaves one detached and feeling distanced. In order to keep connected it is necessary to reach out to friends often and fill your home with sensorial experience. Make sure your home is filled with; music,  water features, aromatherapy, wind sensitive items,pictures of family and friends,bells on door knobs,plants,and fun games.

It is hard to feel alone when your home is filled with sensorial experiences that engage your senses.

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