Happy Birthday Friends and Clients

I have many friends and clients who are experiencing their birthdays this month and in the next few months. For many of you,it is a time of reflection and hope and realization that your goals have been accomplished. For others it is time of wonder about your true purpose in life. For those who have been gifted with that understanding you have gotton a wonderful present. Knowing why you are here and what you are supposed to accomplish is by far one of the best gifts anyone can receive. If you can take the time to go within and connect with your higher self you will see your world from a renewed perspective. You will kmow that your good is in process right now..

Birthdays seem to be more complicated for you as you get older because your internal computer has experienced more things. Remember you can return to the promise of your youth as you go within to your center. In that place you will find your basic building blocks of your happiness and your true purpose. There are infinite possibilities and variations to use this in this world. None of you are on a path without purpose. Contemplate your world and realize that you are a work of art in progress.

Happy Birthday

“Joy of Relaxation” CD

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