Connect With Nature

Did you ever pick up a beautiful leaf and hold it in your hands and study it? It is indeed a spiritual experience to hold it in your hands and study the veins on it and the shape and color of nature’s mystery. This leaf represents just one of the miracles of nature and the beautiful natural art that you can connect with. As you contemplate this beautiful part of nature,you will realize that this leaf is one part of the system that harnesses the energy of the sun and brings into being the oxygen that many living things rely on to live.

This marvelous leaf transforms the elements of ; sunlight, carbon dioxide, and rain into nourishment for the tree. This weightless piece of nature is a conduit to the branch that is also the conduit to the trunk and ultimately the conduit to the roots of the tree. The roots in turn draw nourishment from the earth to feed the trunk , branches and leaves of the tree. You as a living being inhales the oxygen that comes from the process and exhales the carbon dioxide from which the tree is fed. It is hard to understand where one cycle begins and another ends.

This example of nature shows the interdepence between you and nature. Explore and enjoy the beauty of nature and respect it and realize the interdepence between you and all living things. Caring for your plants and trees and appreciating their beauty is connecting to all that is wonderful and beautiful. Go out into nature and care for your environment with respect and awe!!

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