Yoga Benefits- Balasana

Balasana suggests bowing or offering up all parts of yourself. In the West bowing is considered demeaning. However, in its original meaning this posture was considered to be an act of dignity. It expresses honoring all that is pure in the human condition. Inherent in the meaning of this posture is an attitude of devotion that is greater than the human condition.
This pose is a forward bend where your attention is drawn inward. Your eyes close and your forehead comes down as you do this posture. Your outer awareness turns inward toward your chest and you make contact with your heart center.
This is how you practice Balasana:

Come on your hands and your knees
Separate your knees wider than your hips
Keep your hips as low as possible as you walk your hands forward so that they stand out straight
Separate your fingers and let your hands touch the floor
Your head is facing downward
Inhale and exhale in this position ten times
Use your hands to slowly lift yourself up to original position

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