True Selfless Service To Others

You may have thought for a long time about doing some community service and helping others. However, you might seem that you can never make the time or put out the effort to do so. The fact that you have the thought of helping others is a good start.Everything begins with thought. Your thoughts of compassion toward others expand greatly with your actions.

Selfless service is a way of your giving to others in a pure and unselfish way. Volunteering for some type of community service for a teen organization, or a senior center or any organization that needs you is a way to begin.
True selfless service is giving without expectation of anything in return. You release any expectations. Whatever arises is totally accepted. In true selfless service you let go of your needs. You are just guided by your own spririt of generosity. As you purely give from your heart, your inner knowing tells you that you learn so much from others.

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