Joy’s Morning Stretch

It is important to stretch after a long night’s sleep. Your muscles can get cramped or tighten up during the night. By stretching you lengthen your muscles and prevent fatigue. The morning stretch has a powerful effect on your physical and emotional system. It is a wonderful way to greet the day!

Interlock your fingers

Stretch your arms straight above your head as you inhale

Brings your arms down as you exhale

Tighten your rear muscles and put your hands on the small of your back

Carefully arch backward

Slowly come up

With your arms stretched out overhead and your palms facing forward slowly bend forward as you wrap each hand around your opposite elbow and allow your head to dangle

Ease down further as you inhale and exhale

Slowly lift your body to original position

Stand with your feet apart and toes pointing outward

Place your hands on your waist and twist your torso from side to side

Come back to original position

Refer to the CD “The Joy of Relaxation”, by Joy Abrams

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