Be Aware of Your Response to Stress

We all live in a challenging demanding time that could take a toll on our health.

It is helpful to keep your stress levels down.

Having an understanding of what stress can do to your body will help you to seek avenues that

will help you to relieve stress.

When your body is stressed:

1. The pancreas gland becomes affected and releases more sugar into your bloodstream.

2. The adrenal gland releases cortisone.

3. The thyroid and parathyroid gland becomes affected

4. Female and male glands react with reduction in sex hormones.

5. The thymus gland becomes altered and slows down.

6. The skin goes through physical changes

7. Oxygen demands increase.

8. The heartbeat becomes accelerated.

9. The blood thickens.

10, Cholesterol increases in the blood stream.

12. The digestive system shuts down.

Consider all these things and work on lowering the stressors in your life…

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