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Searching For Peace and Prosperity

Monday, April 28th, 2008

As you search for happiness you might think that if you turn to physical objects and events that they and they alone will bring you satisfaction. You might think that if only I lived in California,
then I would be happy. Or you might think that if only I had this job then I certainly would find happiness. Your mind might be stilled for a short time when you attain your desired object, but then it will seek pleasure elsewhere. One may attain their desired job and a house in the county but they will always have the same mind.

Contentment is derived from the approach and attitude toward the external world not from the objects themselves. Everyone in this life passes through difficult as well as easier periods in his or her life. When the obstacles that are faced are faced with a serene mind then one can live more happily.

Grief- Smile Though Your Heart is Breaking

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

Even during times of sadness it is possible to smile through your heart for someone else. It might

be that you see a beautiful hummingbird and child witnessing this with awe. Perhaps you might

see a beautiful flower that has pushed itself out of the ground and you are sharing this moment

with a friend.

It may sound challenging but it is possible. Nothing can take away your inborn

right to happiness no matter what happens. We can smile because we are more than our sorrow.

It is just like we are a television set with many channels. If we wish, we can turn on the smile

channel instead of the sorrow channel. If we turn on the sorrow channel we are sorrow. If we

turn on the smile channel we are smiles. We cannot let the sorrow channel dominate our

existence. We have other channels to tune into also..

If we are not able to smile then the world will not have peace. It is with our capacity of smiling,

breathing, and being peace that we can make peace…

channels to tune into also..

Attaining Goals with Spirituality

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

There is a wonderful power that each of us can tap into if you only knew that it was available. It

is an energy that can give strength to all those who wish to move in a positive direction toward

all their hopes and dreams. However, many are unaware of this rescource that lies within us all.

Think of the farmer who moved to the city and lived in the darkness for years because he did not

know that he had light sockets in his wall and could light up his own existence with this

knowledge. The light is there for us all. We only need to know how to connect ourselves to the

current that is available to all of us.

There is no way to describe the limitlessness of the universe. It is only through individual direct

experience, not the intellect that absolute knowledge can be attained. Through the protracted

practice of meditation, it becomes possible to still the outgoing mind, develop intuitive abilities

and touch that small part of the supreme that lies within us all.

Setting Goals and Your Health

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

How can you set your goals when you are waking up foggy and looking for a pain reliever to take

for most of the day? You must keep in mind that a healthy body is essential for the development

of your true potential. It is important to seek balance in all that you do. Extremes are not what

you need to succeed. It is finding the balance between healthy excercise proper nutrition and a

form of relaxation and fun.

Your body will take quite a bit of abuse before showing great protest. Taking medical

compounds instead of a good diet and proper excercise will eventually exacerbate your condition

and block you from realizing your hopes dreams and goals. Many of the medical compounds that

you take might suppress your symptoms for now but are stored in your body . These literally

are accumulateed in your body and can act as toxins in your system. The effects of these toxins

may not be felt for many years. That is not to say that you do not see your doctor when you

need help. It is to say that this is not a substitute for looking into leading a healthy life.


Friday, April 25th, 2008

Many people approach meditation with fear of stumbling blocks along the way and concerns of lack of discipline because of daily life and challenges. The stumbling blocks can be easily overcome once an intelligent understanding of them can be reached.

One should realize that failures are merely stepping stones to success. Think of a sailor guiding his ship along a dangerous coastline with a full knowledge of the reefs along the way. An aspirant of meditation must also be guided through the ocean of spiritual endeavor by knowing of the obstacles and ways of overcoming them. One must train the mind properly with the right teacher and not be discouraged. The journey toward understanding was never completed overnight..

Stress Release- Contentment

Friday, April 25th, 2008

All of you are looking for happiness and contentment. Whether you are rich or poor King or beggar you are striving for happiness. The problem is if you are a millionaire you are not happy with one million and you think if you have two million, then you will find contentment. If I asked the question”What percentage of happiness do you want”?, you would probably anwer with 100%.
The man who makes the millions will still be looking for the elusive contentment and wonder why he has not acheived it with all his money.

The problem that exists is the millionaire is looking for his happiness in the wrong places.
Yes the money he acheived is an enhancement to his happiness but not his happiness. The problem that exists is if the millionaire is searching outside of himself for something that he lost, he will never be able to find it in the world of senses. That something that he needs to find is the joy of the self and the soul.

Let me explain this more clearly with this old story of the woman who lost her gold needle in her bedroom. She kept searching and searching for the needle outside of her house. Finally,
she asked her best friend to help her with the search. Both of them were on their hands and knees on the ground of her beautiful garden searching for the needle for hours. Finally her friend asked her,”Why are you searching for your beautiful gold needle outside when you lost it inside
in your bedroom”? The old women answered “I need to search where there is light”.
In the same way man searches for contentment and lost happiness in the sense world. This is a major source of his dissatisfaction. There he cannot find the inner joy of his soul…

Positve Intention-Janus the Roman God

Friday, April 25th, 2008

Janus was an ancient Roman God presiding over gates and doorways signifying beginnings and endings. Each passage was symbolic of the beginning or ending of a cycle and represented the universal cyclic nature of creative manefestation.

All of manefestation is manifold of cycles within cycles and levels within levels. Every moment and every year is the end of some cycle and beginning of another. Every new beginning can be consciously motivated by intention. That intention creates a release of power and energy known as potential. Janus the Roman god was symbolized as an aspect of divine potency.

With conscious and deliberate qualification every new beginning is qualified by correlated forces.
With deliberate qualification that potency is magnified within a person to the extent of his responsive involvement. Every new beginning comes with a person’s earnest involvement and pure intent. Similarly every ending involves facing all consequences that are involved.

Every beginning can exist in each new moment. No matter how discouraged one may be with his or her current circumstances, one can call on his or her rescources to initiate and evoke a new more positive cycle. He or she must have the best and purest intentions not ignoring the lessons of earlier experiences as well as past consequences. With such potential one never needs to be discouraged.

The symbolic value of Janus and portals is that each passage in life can be programmed to evoke positive energy for the desired purpose. One must never try to manipulate experiences in their quest for positive new beginnings. If that is a tendency one must explore this and eliminate that tendency that usually comes from negative past programming or modeling of experiences by those who have reared you.

One must be open to the lessons of new experience and well as new opportunities and new service. Each person is related to the past as well as the future. The challenge is to stay in the present moment with all this knowledge…

Positive Thought- The Pygmalion Effect

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

In the legends of the Greeks, Pygmalion was a sculptor who carved a lovely sculpture of a woman of his dreams. He later fell in love with that sculpture and the sculpture became a living woman that he could love.

The Pygmalion effect has become the process in which someone encourages another to believe that something is possible to bring about the desired consequences.

The idea bringing about the actuality is simply a matter of energy following thought. Simply meaning according to this theory that any strong projection in the thought process that has appropriateness, sincerity, and is in line with one’s positive life path, can bring about the manefestation desired.

It is also important to remember that each person is responsible for the consequences of his thoughts and actions.

Affirmation For Empowerment

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

I release the past

I allow life to flow through me

I move forward with joy love and ease

I see with the eyes of praise and gratitude

I bless my body with love and care

Grief Support

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

Grief is a long and arduous journey. However, having a significant support system makes the

road easier to travel. There are important dates surrounding the people that you lost that might

act as a trigger to your feelings of isolation and sadness.

Having a buddy system might be of help to some people.

That is having a buddy call you on significant dates and you reciprocate for him and her.

Your call does not have to be long in duration. You do not even have to talk about the loss.

Some people prefer not to talk about it. You can just say” I just wanted you to know that I was

thinking about you today” Just being thought about goes a long way no matter how long ago the

loss took place.