The Inner You

Everyone has experienced meeting a person who at first did not seem to be physically attractive,

but who grew more appealing. Why is that so? Because some characteristic that is uniquely that

persons shines through- compassion warmth or some other affirmative quality.

How do you acquire such qualities? By developing the inner you. You are a very special person

unique in many ways. Be kind to yourself. Invest in yourself. Admire and explore your talents.

Devote whatever spare time you have to activities that help you to learn and grow.

Don’t avoid activities because of a fear of failing. You might not always succeed but you will

discover something wonderful along the way. Many a discovered interest can lead to future

occupational pursuits. Also, life is more dynamic when you are a participant than when you are

merely an observer. You will learn firsthand the pleasures of participating. Seeking activities

that give you satisfaction will be a wonderful adventure for you. Expanding your potential will

contribute to your feelings of fullfillment and self worth. Your contentment will shine through!!

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